To help less fortunate young kids in schools, neighborhoods, throughout the mountain villages of Lesotho, the "Flats" of Johannesburg South Africa or be it the impoverished inner-city neighborhoods of the United States of America.

Irene affectionately known as "Renee" or to her grandkids as "granny muffins" was a lifelong learner always studying to improve herself as a single mom, striving to be better and do better. Renee believed in seeing the best in people and she offered a helping hand to anyone who was in need. The spirit of her legacy created core principles that her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren live by today.  


That same spirit of giving to those in need lives on by her children seen in this photo; Debbie Notrem-Anderson, Elroy, Lionel, and Oliver Notrem whom have created this foundation. Their goal is to continue inspiring, encourage and uplift children. By way of providing opportunities which create a positive environment from their mother's home country of Lesotho and abroad through establishing yearly financial awards to children who attend schools that are in economically disadvantaged and impoverished areas.

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